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Robert Scoble, tech blogger, former Microsoft employee, and knower of all things in the techosphere, has posted an interesting bit on his blog about the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It’s been widely documented (and freaked out about) that Steve Jobs won’t be speaking at this year’s MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, but Scoble points out that this will be the first CES without Bill Gates on the stage for Microsoft.  CEO Steve Ballmer will lead Microsoft into Vegas needing to build some momentum for the company.  By their standards, they haven’t had a very strong year.  Apple is slowly taking away market share because of the poor perception of Vista, Firefox is quickly gaining on them in the web market, and the iPhone is dominating mobile phones.

The most interesting point Scoble makes is Microsoft’s need to excite developers.  As a young computer science student, I’ve experimented with development on lots of platforms, but I’ve seen very little to get excited about with Windows.  I love the tools and technologies that OS X and iPhone development give you.  Maybe I’m just not aware of them, but I haven’t seen tools for Windows like Xcode and Interface Builder.

Regardless, the things that Windows has offered for development have seemed very stale to me and just haven’t gotten me very excited.  I’d really like to see more of Surface and see it expand into more form factors than just the table.  I like what I’ve seen of the Windows 7 builds so hopefully Microsoft has some other tricks up there sleeve.



  1. I agree: Microsoft really needs to change their strategies and public perception if they’re going to beat Apple.

    I wonder if Steve Ballmer will dance on stage singing “Developers, developers, developers, developers!”… 😀

  2. Whenever Windows Mobile 7 does decide to come out it better be innovative and they better market it well (sans Jerry Seinfield). They need to take a lot of what Apple is doing (multitouch capabilities, some type of App Store) but make it their own and add on their own touches. They can’t afford a Windows Vista like debut with WinMo. There are too many VERY good alternatives.

    If Ballmer does decide to start a “Developers!” chant, he might want to invest in some Right Guard… 😉

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